WiFi Signal Strength Troubleshooting

There are two different ways to connect to your WatchMon via Wifi:

  1. Connecting the WatchMon4 to your router and accessing wirelessly via Wifi
  2. Connecting your computer directly to the WatchMon4's Wifi

Here is a link showing both methods:  connecting-watchmon4-via-wifi

Try a both and see if you you notice that one connection is more reliable than the other. 

Restart your Router

If the problem persists, just like any other wifi device experiencing connection issues, it is a good idea to turn both your router and the WatchMon4 OFF for a at least 10 seconds and back ON again. Most cases restarting both devices fix the issue.

Distance from the Router

Running the WatchMon too far away from your Wifi router would also cause a poor connection

Weak Wifi coverage

It is a good idea to use another device such as laptop or smartphone to check the wifi signal strength at the WatchMon's location. Sometimes the devices may show as "connected" but if its signal is "poor" or "weak" then you need to improve the wifi coverage to avoid unstable / dropping connection.

Wifi repeater

You might need to add a  Wifi Repeater halfway between the 2 locations. They are very easy to install and fairly cheap nowadays. Link for Wifi Repeater

Place the repeater between the router and the WatchMon where both devices can talk / connect to the repeater.

Wifi Signal vs Walls and Windows

It is important to consider what physical barriers are between the router and the WatchMon.

If your battery system is located at the basement, garage, under or in a separate room outside the house / business, you definitely should consider a repeater as the wifi signal would be very weak through multiple walls / concrete floor.

WatchMon Protective 3D Cover

Do not remove the 3D cover, it should not compromise performance or cause the processor to overheat. We have tested these devices for months in very different environments before releasing the product to the public.

Connecting the Computer Directly to WatchMon's Wifi

Direct connection between your computer and the WatchMon's wifi without connecting through a router should be more reliable and resolve weak wifi signal issues. The downside is that in this mode your computer is no longer connected to the internet. 

Consider USB Cable Connection

There are many different scenarios and conditions to consider when connecting via wifi, weak signal or "wifi dead spots" are the most common cause of problems. USB cable is still the most reliable and stable connection option.

Can't find Wifi Network

The wifi does reconnect automatically after a reboot. Unfortunately sometimes this causes trouble as it can only connect to one thing, normally your router, so that you can see it from multiple devices over your local network, once connected it does not broadcast it's presence. If during reboot it starts broadcasting it's presence and finds something it has previously connected to it will automatically connect to that and stop broadcasting.  Wifi can be turned on and off via integration settings Understanding the WatchMon - Hardware configuration - Integration settings

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