SETUP: Wizard

Objective:  This process allows you to quickly setup and configure the WatchMon to suit a number of standard combinations.  

Limitations:   For centralised systems some steps are not required such as Network Test, Device Sync and Bypass test as they are testing the decentralised system is wired up correctly. with the cell monitors on the main board we do these checks prior to shipping.   We haven't setup standard profiles as yet for LTO,  We are still working on determining suitable settings therefore for LTO please use Custom and targets suitable for your battery.

Warning:  This is a very important step where you enter the key information of your battery configuration, what type of CellMons will be used in your system and how many, selecting your shunt model, your total battery capacity, chemistry (Li-Ion, LiFePO4 or Custom).  Settings can be tweaked from these points but altering them too far can sometimes lead to conflicting targets that may undo the effectiveness of the control limits.  Please be careful when deviating from standard profiles.   You will most likely need the pin code to make changes

Step 1 – You can start the "Wizard setup" from the "Setup check list"

 You can also click on "Menu" then click on "Tools"

Step 2 - Click on “Wizard Setup”

Wizard setup settings:

Step 3 - Select the Cell Chemistry Type

The majority of 18650 cells are “Li-ion long life” but there are some LiFePO4 in cylindrical 18650 format Selecting the wrong chemistry is Very Dangerous, if you’re not sure, STOP and don’t proceed to the next step until you know the correct type of cell and chemistry you’re using.

You CANNOT select Custom in the Wizard as it will not know what defaults to use.  If needing custom you should tweak after the wizard is run.

Step 4 – Select the CellMon type

  • LongMon”. "BlockMon-M8" or "BlockMon-M14"
  • LeafMon cell monitor please select "GenMon-8W".
  • ManyMon is a legacy cellmon type not related to cell monitors on the website.
  • For centralised supervisors WatchMonPlus or Multimon depending on product you are setting up.
  • CellMate K9 is our new centralised cell monitor

Custom relates where a mixture of longmons and blockmons might be in the same system.  Please choose the type of monitor you are actually using if the former is not the case.

Step 5 – Select the number of CellMon boards connected to your system or for whole system with a WatchMonPlus

Step 6 – Select the Shunt type:

If you bought the 14s Starter kit, select “ShuntMon2”

Step 7 – Add your battery, Nominal Capacity per series or per CellMon in case of multiple boards per series.

Example: 80.5Ah type “80.5” and press the "enter" button, it will display “80.500” (which is the capacity number in mAh format)

Step 8 – Select the Inverter/Charger model from the list:

Note this list is from WatchMon Toolkit 2.0.14g  (New inverters are frequently added therefore check your software for up to date list.

Step 9 – Click “Save” to apply the selected settings

Changes will be loaded and saved in your WatchMon hardware.

Step 10 – Click “Menu” and go back to “Chart” (home screen).


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