VIDEO - How to fix cell monitor cables

It is a good idea to swap cables and cell monitors around, this also helps finding exactly what cable is causing the problem.

Inspect the  Red and Black ring terminals. If the cell monitor is not connected to the battery terminals properly it won't work therefore stopping/breaking the daisy chain network communication. 

Unfortunately we had some cases where the  Red or Black wire was not soldered/crimped properly to the ring terminal.

Here is a  VIDEO we prepared showing a simple way to inspect and how to quickly fix soldering or crimping avoiding any delays, making sure you get your system up and running as soon as possible. 

Inspect cables for any issues with the connector, make sure the color sequence is matching this example below:

Note: some cell monitor cables such as BlockMon won't have the black wire

Replace the cable if there are any issues, these little connectors aren't easy to repair. We recently started including a spare cable to all orders just in case.

Here is a  LINK if you would like to purchase spare cables. Please request us, we can arrange for a low cost shipping arrangement.

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