How to install the USB driver for Watchmon4 or WatchMonPlus

Step 1 - Open the "WatchMon Toolkit" software, click on "Menu" then click on "Tools"

Step 2 - Click on "USB Driver Install"

Step 3 - Click on "WatchMon 4" or "WatchMon5" if using WatchMonPlus

Step 4 - Accept selecting "Yes" to allow the installation to proceed.

Step 5 – Select “Next” to start installing the driver

Step 6 -  Accept and click “Next”

Step 7 – Select “Finish” will close the window

Step 8 – Connect your WatchMon4 hardware to the computer using the USB cable provided in your Starter Kit.

Step 9 – Start the WatchMon Toolkit software

Or look for this icon on your desktop

Next Step?

Follow the 7 steps “Setup check list” highlighted in red on the left, click on “Connect” to start


When you plug-in or replug-in the USB cable for the Watchmon do you hear the typically windows sound to say it has found a new usb device?

Can you see the device in the control panel from windows?

Look to see a Silicon Labs USB to UART bridge

If not this check your cables and make sure the drivers have been installed properly.  

Note:  From version 2.0 there is a USB-legacy and USB option.  WatchMon1 should and older firmware versions use USB legacy

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