SETUP: CellMon Network Test

Objective:  This process tests the cellmon network is a complete circuit for a decentralised WatchMon

Limitations:   Only used for decentralised systems. 

You may be required to perform a “Network Test” if the box still missing the “tick” after performing the “Wizard Setup”:

Step 1 - Click on “Network Test”

Step 2 - Click on “Start” to begin the network test.

This will verify the daisy-chain continuity making sure the message sent from the WatchMon is passing through all CellMons and returning to the WatchMon without interruptions. The LED lights on the CellMons will all light ON and OFF slowly during this test.

A green or red message should appear on the screen as per examples below.

Green =  Network test Success. You must manually click “Stop” to stop this test. Please proceed to the next step, Bypass Test.

Red = check the blue/yellow wires connecting all CellMons, check CMU cable and connectors number.

You must manually click “Stop” to stop this test. 

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