Cell Monitors Which Type of Cell Monitor Should I Choose?

Cell Monitors are all designed to identical tolerances the decision on which cell monitor is based on ease of installation.  These monitors can be used with Decentralised Supervisors such as WatchMon4   (and legacy devices such as WatchMon1 or PacMon).

Specifications are similar and located in LongMon-BlockMon-and-LeafMon-Data-Sheet-Ver-2.0.pdf


LeafMons are designed specially for use with Nissan Leaf cells.


Designed for use with prismatic or brick like cells.  The choice of which type BlockMon M8 or BlockMon M14 depends on the size of the screws.  BlockMon M14 allows for up to 14 mm whilst BlockMon M8 only has an 8 mm hole.


LongMon is our original design.  These are used with 18650 batteries and others in the 2-5V range that do not have an easy connection.


Designed for specific cells.  These have been discontinued with only a few left available to customers who already have them.

Please note that these are designed for Decentralised Monitoring and should not be used on batteries with a shared loom and located with the batteries.

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