Can we use our own Shunt Block?

A ShuntMon is made up of a Shunt Block and a ShuntMon2 Circuit board

Yes, you can use your own Shunt Block but be aware this will cost more than using the Shunt Block that comes with your ShuntMon

We do a 10 point calibration of the ShuntMon2 when attached to a specific Shunt Block before it is sent to a customer.   This ensures that the results you get from your Batrium shunt are accurate and reliable.  We have found this necessary as the manufacturing tolerances we can achieve on the Shunt Block are extremely variable.  The cost of the Shunt Block is only a minor part of the cost of the ShuntMon2 

Changing the Shunt Block the board is attached to means that a new calibration would be necessary.  If you require this we offer a  calibration service.   We have had customers who have required a custom shunt block in the past e.g. 1500A.  This is typically why it would happen.

1.  You would need to send us the Shunt Block you wish to use.

2.  We do the 10 point calibration with your Shunt Block attached.

3.  We send them back as a pair.

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