Watchmon Toolkit software on other operating systems

Can WatchmonToolkit run on Apple or Linux desktop?

No, the roadmap ahead this year is to extend into the mobile platform and a cloud web portal. Once the web portal and mobile app are available we think that this request will no longer be required.

What other options are there to display the BMS telemetry?

there is a grafana raspberry pi image that can display key bms analytics.

Can I do my own dashboard or display?

Yes, we have published the communication protocol to allow you to write your own solution, both the wifi UDP and canbus protocols are available.

What other options are planned into the future?

  • Android mobile app
  • iOs mobile app
  • web portal (will also allow remote access)
  • hardware display

Can the USB port be adopted for you own application

No, it is a different dedicate protocol, however this is being progressively harmonised to be similar to the wifi udp and MQTT payloads.

Being a .Net framework application will it work on other operating systems?

No, Microsoft has signalled that it is working to offer the framework to other operating systems, this sounds promising but there is very little about what and when. We will monitor this initiative and revisit if we can publish to other environments. The toolkit application is running .Net framework 4.5.2

Will it run using Mono or .NetCore?


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