Can the WatchMon Control a Charger?

There are two ways of doing this

Method 1:  Using the relays of the Expansion board to simply turn the charger ON or OFF.  This is usually based on settings in the Control Logic for Charging.

Method 2:  Using CAN protocol to talk to the charger and control it using the software.

Method 2 is obviously the better option where available but if you are happy with just ON and OFF then Method 1 is all you really need.

The current list of devices can be found by going to the Hardware settings for the WatchMon.

We are happy to add a specific charger with assistance if we can get our hands on the protocol document for the charger, have access to a charger for testing to make sure it works (if you have a system with charger this can be done remotely on your system if you allow) and time from our R & D staff. 

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