Understanding the WatchMon - Tools - Snapshot capture report

To capture a snapshot of all live characteristics can be taken of the connected system.

Step 1 - Navigate to Tool menu

Step 2 - Navigate to Snapshot Report

Step 3 - To generate report press Extract

Automatic events can trigger the snapshot reports to support diagnostic investigation.

  • Daily reporting - runs just prior to midnight each day

  • Bypass complete - runs when the system has the complete bypass flag occur

Step 4 - To open available reports can be found in the Documents > Batrium > Report folder

Step 5 - open report using a text editor to review

Header contains system name, DeviceTime, StartupTime and WatchMon Supply voltage/Temperature

Live status information section outlines Telemetry information including

  • Minimum and Maximum values with the relevant cellmon node identifier
  • Cell Voltage / Temperature 
  • Bypass Current / Temperature / Daily Session

Weighted average recent consumption for charging / discharging (over 5 mins)

Estimated Duration provide the time remaining to either achieve full or empty based on weighted average recent consumption.

Control Logic section shows status flags and active state.

Remote logic shows targets and actuals for charging and discharge, these are communicated via canbus to the connected system. 

Daily session summary as found at Menu > Telemetry > Daily tab

Contains the individual cellmon configuration, telemetry and device information.

  • ID - identifier
  • Bypass Initial - first time that that the cellmon goes into bypass, is reset each day.
  • Session - is the accumulated bypass current from a cellmon
  • Amp - bypass current
  • MinV - current minimum cellmon voltage since last collection
  • MaxV - current maximum cellmon voltage since last collection
  • MaxT - current maximum cellmon temperature since last collection
  • BypT - current maximum bypass temperature
  • HiT - high cellmon temperature alert configuration
  • HiBypT - high bypass temperature cutout for bypass configuration
  • LoV - cellmon low voltage alert configuration
  • HiV - cellmon high voltage alert configuration
  • BypV - bypass voltage threshold configuration
  • BypA - maximum bypass amp configuration
  • Serial - cellmon device serial number
  • HwVers - cellmon device model firmware and bootload version


Reports need the Toolkit to be actively connected to the system for then snapshot to occur.

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