How to Device Sync the configuration with a WatchMon

This process will sync all CellMons with the WatchMon hardware.

NOTE:The first CellMon connected to 4 pin connector will appear on the screen as “cell1” and work up the chain to the most positive finishing the chain on the 2 pin connector. 

Step 1 - Click on “Device Sync”

or click on "Menu" then click on "Hardware"

Click on "CellMon" tab and click on "Device Sync"

Step 2 - Click on “Start”

The CellMon LEDs will blink during this procedure.

Device Sync will be matching the number of Cell monitors configured on  Wizard setup versus the number of Cell monitors connected to the WatchMon hardware, in this example 14 CellMons. You can follow the progress on the "GroupAck" box highlighted below.  

If all CellMons (in this case 14 CellMons) are detected, a green message will appear on the bottom right.

At this stage all CellMons should be displaying live in blue on your screen.

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