SETUP: Device Sync

This process will sync all distributed CellMons (LongMons, BlockMons, LeafMons with the WatchMon Hardware.  It is not used for centralised cell monitors such as WatchMonPlus or CellMate K9 except for the system to detect the number of pins wired and the remember the cell counts per module.


The purpose of Device Sync is for distributed cell monitors such as LongMons, BlockMons and LeafMons.   It sends targets such as bypass voltage and the cell monitor's place within the battery pack.  This allows the cell monitor to act on those targets and when reporting back to the WatchMon it can identifies itself and it's voltage.    

With CellMate K9 it is used to detect the number of pins wired and the remember the cell counts per module.   After this is done it isn't needed to be repeated unless you change the wiring and cell counts per module or add or subtract a module.

NOTE:  The first CellMon connected to the 4-pin connector will appear on the screen as “cell 1” and work up the chain to the most positive, finishing the chain on the 2-pin connector.  See  how to connect theCell monitorsto WatchMon4.

With WatchMonCORE we have replaced the CMU with IsoMon3

Step 1 - Click on “Device Sync”

or click on "Menu" then click on "Hardware"

Click on "CellMon" tab and click on "Device Sync"

Step 2 - Click on “Start”

The CellMon LED's will blink during this procedure.

Device Sync will be matching the number of Cell monitors configured on  "Wizard setup" versus the number of Cell monitors connected to the WatchMon hardware, in this example of 14 CellMons. You can follow the progress on the "GroupAck" box highlighted below.  

If all CellMons ( in this case 14 CellMons) are detected, a green message will appear on the bottom right.

At this stage all CellMons should be displaying live, in blue, on your screen.

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