TROUBLESHOOTING: Identify a Specific CellMon using the LED

Objective:  Sometimes it can be necessary to identify a specific CellMon CMU (Cell Monitoring Unit) within a battery pack. When not familiar with the battery configuration the following method will assist identifying a specific module using the on-board status LED's. For example if a cell is reporting a outlying temperature compared to the rest of the battery pack the technician can quickly identified the cell module and look to why (i.e. loose busbar bolt, etc..). 

Warning:  Take precautions when using this tool as the system does not monitor the battery pack whilst your in this mode.

Step 1 - Navigate to the Hardware menu.

Step 2 - Navigate to the CellMon tab.

Step 3 - Start the Device LED Identifier.

Step 4 - Enter the appropriate Node Identifier

Step 5 - Turn ON or OFF the red and green LED's

Step 6 - press Start to run in this mode

Step 7 - Observe the LED's on the CellMon hardware (example below)

Step 8 - When finished press Stop and ensure that normal monitoring returns (i.e. Node Chart is displaying live readings).

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