WatchMon - How to identify a specific CellMon using the LED

Sometimes it can be necessary to identify a specific CellMon CMU (Cell Monitoring Unit) within a battery pack. When not familiar with the battery configuration the following method will assist identifying a specific module using the on-board status LED's. 

For example if a cell is reporting a outlying temperature compared to the rest of the battery pack the technician can quickly identified the cell module and look to why (i.e. loose busbar bolt, etc..).

Take precautions when using this tool as the system does not monitor the battery pack whilst your in this mode.

Step 1 - Navigate to the Hardware menu.

Step 2 - Navigate to the CellMon tab.

Step 3 - Start the Device Led Identifier.

Step 4 - Enter the appropriate Node Identifier

Step 5 - Turn ON or OFF the red and green led's

Step 6 - press Start to run in this mode

Step 7 - Observe the LED's on the cellmon hardware (example below)

Step 8 - When finished press Stop and ensure that normal monitoring returns (i.e. Node Chart is displaying live readings).

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