How to use Web Provisioning

Web Access Provisioning

Used to connect the Windows toolkit to a device on a network that can be remote from the device. Prior to running the device there is the requirement that WiFi Join-AP has been connected to a WiFi router that has internet access.
The software and firmware required has to be a minimum of 2.17.15

Step 1 - Start with active USB connection method

press the Web Add button

Step 2 - Confirm the configuration

adopt the initial default configuration

Step 3 - Start Synchronisation

Start "Sync via USB"

Step 4 - In progress

Initially the configuration will be stored into the device and then the device will be restarted

Step 5 - Process stalls if an error occurs

Will attempt to request details about licensing, then connect to the web broker and push up the initial cache

Step 6 - Resume Sync

Select the "Configure" tab and then reconnect via USB, when device is responding then re-start the "Sync via USB" on the "Provisioning" tab.

Step 7 - Completed

When the device is fully configured the system will show that there is a active web connection using the broker

Access via a different PC 

To connect from a different laptop on a remote site not on this network you select the method "Web Access".
When using Web Access note that the device update frequency is slow with only periodic refresh of the status hourly. For faster updates consider using the local WiFi network or USB.

Enter the correct Serial Number, System Identifier and Cloud Key

when a match the device can be added

Disable Device communicating

If needed to disable the Web Access communication from the device complete the following steps:
  • navigate to Hardware > Integration
  • modify the Web Broadcast parameter to Off and protocol method to Disabled

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