RELEASE: WatchMon toolkit 2.17

LATEST release for WatchMon-CORE and Watchmon4

DO NOT USE on other products, monitor software recommendation listing

Download setup at WatchMonToolkitInstaller_2.17.9.msi
You may need to copy and paste the following URL into your browser for it to start

Status:  LATEST release
File created: 23 August 2021

New Features

  • WatchMon-CORE supervisor now able to communicate with CellMate-K9
  • IngeTeam SunStorage canbus profile
  • Control > Remote logic now has ramp down functionality for some inverters with canbus at full and empty


  • Allow supervisor to run in satellite mode allowing more than 250 cells with each CMU string aggregated to Min/Max/Avg to master.


  • improve WiFi join network function that had difficult on some routers
  • Watchdog restart of device if required
  • Shunt Re-Calibration when in Bypass freeze/reset (should only be when not 100% and Bypass Complete flag set)
  • Bypass Tester function to handle slow/large CMU networks and display reason why fault occurred
  • On full factory reset fix the initial defaulting of some values and ensure that WebAccess(MQTT) is disabled

Alternative release notes

Previous release (software 2.16)

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