Cell Monitoring Options

We are now using WatchMon CORE WatchMonCORE and Expansion 3 hardware guide and pin assignment as our recommended supervisor.  With this you can combine it with your choice for cell monitoring.  

  CellMate-K9 BlockMon/LongMon LeafMon MultiMon (MM8)
No. of cells 3-16s 1s 2s 10-15s
Shared loom Yes No No Yes
IsoMon needed No Yes Yes No
Temperature sensors 4 Inbuilt Inbuilt 3
Communication between supervisor and cell monitors Serial Serial Serial CANbus
Limitations of wiring 1 bank per CellMate-K9
need at least 3s
1s up to a max 250s    1s up to a max 250s
Cannot be used below 10s or 16s-19s
1 bank per MM8
Multi-string Yes Yes Yes Yes
High Voltage Yes Not Recommended Not Recommended Yes
LiFePO4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Li Ion (e.g. LMC) Yes Yes Yes Yes
LTO Yes No No Yes

Note:  Single banks or parts of banks where high voltage can be attached to the CellMate-K9 or MM8, e.g. if 24V multistring you would need one CellMate-K9 or MM8 per bank. 
In addition to cell monitoring the following can be combined with any of the following options
The Expansion Board adds extra relays and inputs if you are wanting to use event triggers for contactors, circuit boards, fans etc.   This is useful especially if not communicating with inverter via CANbus
The ShuntMon is a SOC% Sensor Monitor.  It allows you to see the State of Charge as voltage alone is not a good indication of this.  Our balancing and control can work without this, but it is generally essential when connecting to an inverter via CANbus as this is one of the fields that is needed.
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