VIDEOS: Foreign language subtitles

To translate your video to another language:

Click on the “Settings” icon, select “Subtitles/CC,” and then click “English.“ as it is the language of our video.  Then  select “Subtitles/CC,” again then "Auto Translate.” A list of languages you can translate into will be displayed. Select your preferred language. You'll see that the subtitles have automatically been translated into your language

STEP BY STEP with one of ours.

1.  Open Video and click on settings

2.  Turn Subtitles/CC to ON

3.  Select English (auto-generated)  

Note you are choosing English as that is the language of the video

4.  Once English is chosen you can go back in and choose Auto-translate.  Choose your language and you should have our videos showing with captions in your own language

This method isn't perfect but it is better than guessing what is being said

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