RELEASE: WatchMon toolkit 2.15

Download setup at WatchMonToolkitInstaller_2.15.11.msi


Latest release for Watchmon4,5,7 and MultiMon MM8

File created: 22-Dec-2020

New Features

  • Control SoC% limits to allow relay controls as required based on SoC%


  • Firmware updater verifies if firmware task is required
  • LongMon / Blockmon cell voltage calibration adjustment tool
  • Victron inverter canbus profile include extension fields related to cell statistics
  • TC / Elcon charger to have both 250k/500k canbus profiles
  • Relabel software releases: Preview=alpha, Latest=beta, Stable=live
  • Enhanced application monitor of data traffic via USB / Wifi and WebAccess


  • Control remote display to add note NS = "not supplied" for actuals when needed to reduce repeated support burden questions

Alternative release notes

Previous release (software 2.0.14)

Next release (software 2.16)

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