TROUBLESHOOTING: The date is wrong. How do I fix?

What is happening?

The device is showing the wrong time in startup or Device Time.

How does it happen?

The date can get out of sync if it is unpowered or underpowered .  This means if you have disconnected both usb and power pins this can occur if the coin battery is insufficient to maintain time.  Often the Operating status is critical offline or timeout 

How can I fix?

This is managed from the Hardware menu on the System page

Check the Computer Time is correct

On the top right notice a link labelled 'Time Sync' 

Press 'Time Sync

'Success' should appear

Go to 'Device Time' - See if it is correct

In the Top Right again Press the option 'Reboot System', two lines down from Time Sync

Info should appear

After 30 seconds to a minute, check, does Start Up Time update?

Further Troubleshooting

If Supply and USB is unplugged, you power up and it continues to go to ridiculous date...

Change the coin battery in the WatchMon and try again

Note:  MM8 will get their time from the WatchMon as it is a slave board.  It does not keep time locally

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