RELEASE: BmsSuite 0.9.31

In this release, published on 9 March 2015

Software Installer can be downloaded here

New Features

  • Software Update Check - within Service Centre utility to verify that the software is the latest release, if required then download, backup configuration, close the application and launch the installer.
  • Software Update Notification - once a day check the version is up to date. When a newer release is available add a status icon located in the bottom left of the Service Centre application, can be disabled if required.


  • Online support link redirected to new portal.
  • Automatic save backup files with each configuration change.
  • Improve white-space formatting of XML configuration files.
  • Ability to renumber the UMon Hub host.
  • When closing System Tray now closes local Service Centre sessions.


  • Ensure that the E-Meter history session transition occurs at the end of charge or after 5 mins if the session is disrupted.
  • Within Service Centre fix System Selector unhanded bug.
  • Correct the field order to Cloud telemetry upload.

Alternative release notes

Prior release (software 0.9.30)
Next release (software 0.9.32)

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