RELEASE: BmsSuite 0.9.29

In this release, published on 18 February 2015

Software Installer can be downloaded here

New Features

  • Beta CellMon Calibration tool, to enable self re-calibration within battery pack.
  • E Meter History report of last 10 sessions of the key energy meter statistics found in the summary report file.


  • Windows title-bar displays the current screen function in Service Centre to make multiple sessions easier to find in taskbar.
  • The default timeout for Bypass Tester is now 60 seconds.
  • Improved error messages when connecting to pc with not standard names.
  • On detecting idle system has option to switch on/off screen / monitor.
  • Add cache clear option to Device Sync.
  • Performance improvements to system controller host.
  • Column formatting to CellMon - All telemetry.


  • Updates to CellMon bypass amp calculations.
  • Ensure all fields are cleared in cache when reset with Collect / Sync.

Alternative release notes

Prior release (software 0.9.28)
Next release (software 0.9.30)

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