RELEASE: BmsSuite 0.9.28

In this release, published on 20 January 2015

Software installer can be downloaded here

New Features

  • CellMon Session chart dashboard with statistics for individual cell volt and temperature extremes for Min / Max. The session can be reset manually when required.


  • Add dark background logo to side panel of Service Centre and darken panels when dark mode is selected.
  • Customisation of screen colour for menus and field groups in Service Centre.
  • Re-sort status icons based on priorities in Service Centre.
  • Support > About includes CPU / RAM / Disk performance stats to aid detection with the lack of pc resources.
  • Monitor screen to display background processing of data collection in Service Centre.
  • Extra field options for cloud upload logging functionality.
  • Extra field options for primary node chart.


  • Performance improvements and error handling with connection between application components and reduced deadlock conditions.
  • Setup wizard to handle non CANbus charger correctly and detects if configuration already exists.
  • Better detection's of system found from system selector if local then adopt a internal address to avoid disruptions from wifi network interruptions.
  • Improvements to Service Centre background client recovery.
  • Corrections to session Ah / kWh calculations.
  • Revise timeout intervals for cache.
  • Spreadsheet / Grids in telemetry improvements to handle sorting, updates, deletions and new entries.
  • Voice player to begin collecting info on start.

Alternative release notes

Prior release (software 0.9.27)
Next release (software 0.9.29)

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