Understanding the WatchMon - Telemetry - Live Statistics

Administrative screen providing telemetry for the WatchMon supervisor hardware, and how to understand the various fields shown for the live WatchMon supervisor hardware.

Navigate to the screen via the  Telemetry option on the Menu then choosing the Live Statistics tab. 


Used as a diagnostic screen to look at all the key statistics and functions across the entire systems. 

Field Definitions 

Cell Volt:  Minimum, Maximum and Average Voltage over the cells.

Cell Temp:   Minimum, Maximum and Average Temperature over the cells. 

Bypass Temperature:   Minimum and Maximum Temperature of the Bypass function. 

Bypass Current:  Minimum and Maximum current of the Bypass function.

Bypass Session: mAh range for bypass session.

Run/Idle Monitor:  Status light for Run/Idle.

Charge/Normal:  Status light for Charge/Normal.

Bypass Count:  Number of cells in Bypass during session and Initial and Final number in bypass.

Number of Cells:  Target number according to the system configuration. 

Overdue:  Total number of CellMon modules that have not responded in a timely period.

Supervisor Supply:  Current supply voltage to the WatchMon.

Supervisor Temp:  Current temperature from the sensor in the WatchMon.

Daily Consumption: Total consumption for both charge or discharge.

Recent Consumption: Running average consumption over 5 minutes for charge or discharge.

Remaining Capacity:  Calculated capacity with reference to nominal capacity.

Estimated Duration:  Estimated time remaining if the recent consumption continues to respective full/empty.

Shunt Voltage: Current reading from shunt.

Shunt Current: Current reading from shunt.

State of Charge: Current SoC% reading from the shunt.

Shunt Temp:  Current Temperature from the shunt.

Critical Battery OK:  Status light for Critical Battery OK.

Charging OK:   Status light for Charging.

Discharging OK:   Status light for Discharge.

Heating Required:   Status light for Heating Required.

Cooling Required:   Status light for Cooling Required.

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