RELEASE: WatchMon toolkit 1.0.30

Download setup at WatchMonToolkitInstaller_1.0.30.msi

Software 1.0.30 - firmware 1.42

Note that the firmware will need to be upgraded to match the software, available from 11 December 2017.

New Features

  • Shunt kWh energy measurement
    • Power readings beyond voltage and amperes
    • Daily accumulated kWh for charging into battery
    • Daily accumulated kWh for discharge of the battery.
  • ShuntMon2 Support
    • Enable Connectivity for new shunt module.
  • Connectivity Remote Support for
    • Brusa NLG6 22kW Charger
    • Victron Colour Control GX Inverter CANbus support.


  • Double storage window for on-board Quick Session logging.
  • Expansion output features (high / low volt alert).
  • Bypass auto level function has a configurable operating current.


  • Improve WiFi receiver stability (bug introduced in 1.0.29).

Alternative release notes

Previous release (software 1.0.29)
Next release (software 2.0.7)

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