Temperature of -40. What's going on.

Temperature in our system is stored so that it will show as -40 if there is no signal.  

When might this happen?

With remote inverters

  • Not all inverters connected via CANbus send temperature information back to us.  In this situation you will see Actual temperatures coming back as -40.  This doesn't effect the operation just what is shown on the screen.

If Actual temperature isn't sent by your inverter it isn't shown - no action is required.

With WatchMonPlus - Ambient Temperature 

  • With WatchMonPlus we have reverted from a cell temperature on each monitor to having external temperature sensors.  These record in cell temperatures and Ambient has ceased to be used.

Ambient isn't being used in WatchMonPlus and therefore no action is required.

With WatchMon4 - During a Timeout 

  • If message from the cell monitor isn't received in the expected time frame
  • If temperature sensor on cell monitor has been damaged.  

Both of these reasons would require you to try and discover what is causing this and rectify

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