How should I power my WatchMon

All our WatchMon should be powered via between 8-65V.  

Initial Setup

USB provides normally around 5V so is therefore sufficient for the initial setup step but not for permanent use.  Initial Setup is normally done using just the USB to power the WatchMon.  This allows you to configure and test your system before using it to power the WatchMon.  

Ongoing Power

If your battery is outside of the 8-65V range, such as is common with EVs then usually a 12V battery is used to power the WatchMon.

If your battery is within the 8-65V range then commonly the battery itself is used to power the WatchMon.

The power supply should stay connected if you are just configuring information using a USB connection. 

During Rewiring

Always disconnect your battery pack from the WatchMon (both power pins and CMU) before starting any rewiring task.  This is to prevent you damaging the WatchMon as if you cause a power spike during your rewire then it will go up the line damaging any electronics attached. 

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