Inverters Compatible via CANbus

From time to time we implement new protocols and add to this list.   If the inverter isn't on the list we first recommend you check to see if the inverter can offer support for the LG-Chem 6.4kw RESU battery.   We have built a canbus profile that emulates the LG-Chem 6.4kw battery, this should allow most inverter that support the LG battery protocol to be utilised. this list but as of WatchMon Toolkit Software.  Some additional inverters we have anecdotally been told work but the full gamut of testing has not been done as yet therefore it hasn't been added to the list below  Inverter Testing

The list below is valid as at 2.0.12 although custom documentation for each option is not 

Inverter Protocol
SMA Sunny Island SMASunnyIslandV31
SMA SunnyBoy  SMA Sunny Boy Storage HV (not advised since yet to be verified)
Solax Solax SK control
Solax Solax SK limited
Brusa Brusa NLG5 charger
Brusa Brusa NLG6 charger
Victron Victron GX Gateway
IngeTeam INGECON Storage
Redback Redback Hybrid SH5000
GoodWe GoodWe SBP/ES
Elcon/TC Elcon/TC Charger
En-Power En-Power 500k charger
En-Power En-Power 250k charger
Project Lychee
LG RESU Emulator
PylonTech Pylontech Emulator
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