Passes sometimes but other times gives a fail

We have had some feedback that the same wiring can fail due to a jumper, but then the next press of the button, it says pass

This is explained by when doing the quick test when it doesn't get the result in time it sees this as a failure and hence   If you get one pass then that should be taken as good  Just repeat the test a few times

We have from Feb onwards adjusted the TestMon firmware to eliminate this error.

Shows error on jumper 

In some instances rather than reading 0V for the position of Jumper it reads -0.01V instead and this is causing a false problem 

If you measure each cell or run through the Volt readings on the TestMon as per linked video TestMon

LTO batteries with TestMon

Unfortunately TestMon was designed with regular Lithium batteries in mind and isn't separately powered it gets it's power to run from the first battery connected.  Therefore if that cell 1 is too low then the TestMon doesn't function.  This is an intermittent problem as if the first battery in line is charged up then it will function but at half power it won't.

To get around this limit it can be manually checked with a voltmeter on each pin to ensure that the wires haven't been crossed and each cell is measuring in the valid range. 

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