Understanding Tools - Bypass Tester - Progressive

Live screen for the WatchMon supervisor hardware, and how to understand the various fields available to run a Bypass Test.

This screen is accessed via the  Hardware option on the Menu, then choosing the CellMon tab and pressing the Bypass Tester link and on the Progressive Tab.


To monitor the state of the batteries during the Bypass Tester.  This screen shows the progressive data as it occurs whilst the node is being tested.

Field Definitions

CellMon Node:  CellMon Node number being tested.

Temperature:  Current temperature of the CellMon in Bypass.

Initial:  Initial temperature of the CellMon in Bypass.

Progressive: Progressive temperature change of the CellMon in Bypass.

Elapsed: Progressive time the CellMon has been in Bypass.

Temperature:  Live Status of Temperature.

Min Voltage:  Live Status of Minimum Voltage.

Max Voltage: Live Status of Maximum Voltage.

Bypass Current: Live Status of Bypass Current.

Action Button/ Process link events

Start: Starts bypass test.  Available when Bypass test not in progress.

Stop: Stops bypass test.  Available whilst Bypass test in progress.

Advanced:  Allows editing of more advanced fields.

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