SOFTWARE: USB driver for Watchmon1

For Watchmon1 and CMC2 the Teensy USB Installer is required do not install WatchMon4 USB driver

It is recommended that  "WatchMon Toolkit" software be installed on a Windows 10 desktop (not mobile edition). Batrium will provide backward compatibility to Windows 7 desktop or later, but will not support older operating systems such as Windows XP or Vista. The prerequisite for Microsoft .Net framework 4.5.2 or later is required, the installer will examine your system and prompt you to upgrade/install if not found.

The installer includes the separate installer for the  "Teensy USB serial driver", this driver enables the connection to the WatchMon hardware.

The installer will automatically upgrade over the existing version.

Only run the first time "Teensy USB Installer".

Step 1 - Launch via Toolkit software

Open the "WatchMon Toolkit" software, click on "Menu" then click on "Tools"

Step 2 -Click on "USB Driver Install"

Step 3 -Click on "WatchMon 1"


Step 4 - Accept "USB Driver" to run in Admin mode.

Step 5 - Start USB Device Driver install and monitor status.


Alternatively  - Launch via Windows Start Menu

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