Connect directly to WatchMon wifi

If you wish to connect via Wifi, make sure your WatchMon4 is connected to a power source between 8 and 65v DC or powered via USB using the cable provided in your starter kit.

This will make a direct connection between your computer and the WatchMon, very similar to a direct USB connection but using the Wifi instead.

You won't have internet access in this mode as both the computer and the WatchMon wifi will be busy talking to each other.

Step 1 - Open your computer's Wifi Network list, you should find your WatchMon wifi broadcasting there. Click on "Connect"

Step 2 - You will be requested to enter a "password", enter your PIN number/code located on the back of your WatchMon hardware  

 Where do I find the PIN code?

in this example, the PIN code is 987654

Wifi password will be "pin" (in lowercase) + your PIN number = pin987654 (in this example)

On a Watchmon1 the password is 1234567890

Step 3 - Click on "Menu" then click on "Chart". This will take you to the main screen.

Notice that now there is a "Wifi" icon instead of USB icon and you should see the heart icon pulsing, this indicates that your system is live and properly talking to your WatchMon hardware.   

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