Installing Windows10 on a Mac

How to install Windows10 on a Mac Computer using Boot Camp

For the purpose of this document I'm using MacOS Mojave & Windows 10s 

  • Select Edition - Windows 10 Home [Confirm]

  • Select the product language [Confirm]

  • Wait for Validation 

  • Choose [32-bit] or [64-bit] based on your computer hardware.

  • Wait for the download to complete

  • Once download has competed take note of the download location (Typically Download Folder)

  • Top right hand corner of your Mac desktop click the magnifier glass to open Search Assistant & start typing in "Boot Camp Assistant". Click the [enter] key on your keyboard to proceed

  • Click [Continue]

  • Choose your ISO location
  • Choose your Partition size in this case 48GB is more than enough for Windows Installation + Batrium and a life time of stored data

  • You might be asked for Administrator's password enter that too compete setup

  • Once completed the computer will automatically reboot into the Windows 10 install

  • Windows Install process with then start after reboot.
  • Choose your Region [Next]

  • Choose keyboard Layout [Next]

  • [Don't connect to network] This avoids the need to register for Microsoft account

  • [Click I don't have internet]

  • [Continue with limited setup]

  • Who will use this PC? [Batrium] [Next]

  • Create a super memorable password [ABC123] [Next]

  • Do more across devices - Choose [No] or [Yes]

  • Get help from your digital assistant [Decline] or [Accept]

  • Choose privacy settings for your device [Accept]
  • Install will proceed with in a few minutes Don't turn off your computer
  • Computer will boot to windows desktop then proceed to install Boot Camp installer
  • License Agreement [Install]

  • installing (this process is all the apple drivers for touchpad, screen, keyboard, network etc)
    Screen may flicker in the process that is normal. 

  • Boot Camp installer Competed [Finish]

  • Boot Camp must reboot [Yes]

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