Beta Customer requirements

When introducing a new product there is the chance that unexpected issues are discovered. Documentation and installation procedures may also be updated to improve clarity from lessons learnt from the initial customers.

What we are looking for?

You need to be sufficiently computer literate to assist us if we need to do remote debugging and willing to use Zoom for troubleshooting if needed.

Have sufficient knowledge and experience to be competent in both the installation and maintenance of electrical systems for battery and solar equipment.

If a problem occurs you contact us first, so that we can rectify the problem in a timely manner. 

We are after good quality feedback not videos or blogging. 

You need to be methodical and be able to follow instructions during troubleshooting.

We are looking for neat and tidy well organised installations, with good layout to your battery pack, cabling and equipment.

Ideally the battery capacity is about 200Ah at 48V however we are also looking for some projects with bigger or smaller capacity.

A variety of different inverters to confirm the existing interfaces work (e.g. Victron, SMA, Studer, Goodwe, etc).

Willingness for us to use photos of parts of your system in future documentation.

First round of projects must be for stationary storage, after success in this application we can consider RV, marine and other mobile scenarios at a later stage.

Is BETA right for you?

Project that requires critical or vital power supply  SHOULD NOT be considered for the beta testing.

If you already have WatchMon4 this a better product in most scenarios. Your cell monitors (Longmon's etc..) have 28Ah per day balancing power unlike the WatchMonPlus WM5 which only has 6Ah per day that is a quarter of your previous balancing power.  WatchMonPlus is designed for shared wiring loom of OEM batteries where they use quality matched cells requiring less balancing power.

We will only be sending out a limited number of systems each week so that we can put aside enough time to support you in getting the system up and running. By shipping in the same sequence that we receive the orders we can process the projects that are ready, learn from them and fix any issues whilst supporting you and your new WatchMonPlus. Over time this limitation will be lifted as we see less support burden. 

Being one of the first customers there maybe more frequent firmware updates. If determined we will request that you update your version so that the product will operate properly.

What do you do next?

If you are happy and willing to go through the pain of discovery, prepared to pay the discounted price, please purchase the Beta product.

We will send you a checklist for you to outline your project and sign and then let you know when your order will be approx shipped (unlikely to be any delays).

Based on your feedback/agreement we will then process the order or refund the money.

When you have the product and are ready to proceed reach out to us and we will give further instructions on what to do next.

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