WatchMonPlus (WM5) Install Checklist

Install Steps

  1. Ensure that sizing and configuration is compatible:-
    1. Can handle supervisor consumption of 1 Ah/day (for 48v) when running WiFi connectivity (~2W)
    2. Monitoring between 10 - 15 cells in series
    3. Cell voltage between 0.5v and 5v 
    4. Ensure that the battery pack cannot be pulled apart in cells groups risking BMS being damaged whilst connected (i.e. twin 7S being separated)
    5. When multiple in series (i.e. MM8) that their supply power is fully isolated from the accessory circuit
  2. Make sure you send us photo(s) of the visual inspection of battery and wiring so that we can see that it looks suitable and has the TestMon verification PASS
  3. Ensure no other cables other than USB are connected to the supervisor
  4. Install software and USB driver
  5. Upgrade firmware onto supervisor  (if required
  6. Run Wizard Setup to configured supervisor to suit the hardware that it will eventually be connected to 
  7. Adopt WiFi connection to software
  8. Swap to isolated 5V USB plug pack for power (i.e. mobile phone charger)
  9. Transfer cell monitoring terminals to WMPlus, ensure no other connections except the cell terminals
  10. Plug in temperature sensors and ensure are reading appropriately
  11. Add ShuntMon and make sure has working connection
  12. Remove usb supply
  13. Double check supply pins and insert
  14. Add any other IO controls
  15. Add canbus support to Inverter/Charger

Post Install Balancing Verification Procedures 

  1. Adjust the bypass voltage threshold below actual cell voltages to ensure that every cell bypass works
  2. Visually check that each balancing Red LED works odds / evens
  3. Detect that the heatsink increases in temperature
  4. Return voltage threshold back to target values.



VIDEO - Commissioning and Install Supervisor (28 mins)

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