Understanding the status icons of the WatchMon Toolkit

 number of key status states can be found in the bottom left corner of the Toolkit application, when hovering over the icon a text explanation is available. If you click the icon this will navigate to the screen to resolve or investigate the issue.

Individual status icons and the relevant meanings:


    No Connection - Application is not linked to WatchMon supervisor.

  • Heart-beat blinking - confirms that the system is linked to WatchMon supervisor.

  • Link- Wifi connection link via Wifi

  • Link- USB connection link via USB, will enable system modifications
  • Discharge- Normal System is Ok to discharge at normal/high power mode.
  • Discharge- Limp System is in limited power for over discharge mode.
  • Discharge- Off System has disabled discharging.
  • Charge- Normal  System is Ok to recharge at normal/high power mode.
  • Charge- Limp System is in limited power mode to suit bypass balancing.
  • Charge- Off System has disabled charging.
  • Charge- Complete state has reached fully charged and in idle full mode
  • Critical Fault- system has disabled battery isolator/contactor.
  • Heating On- control for heating has been triggered.
  • Cooling On- control for cooling has been triggered.
  • New Software Available- for download and upgrade.
  • New Firmware Available- for hardware device / modules found in the system.
  • USB Powered- supervisor with 5V supply from USB no supply pins
  • Auto balance- running from cell extra bypass mode
  • Toolkit logging- running from software app
  • Configuration synchronisation- task required.
  • Bypass testing- has not been verified. 
  • Charge-Heat Relief- has been evoked, trigger charging to be paused until bypass cool down
  • Setup Wizard- has not be run on this supervisor
  • CellMon Network- needs to be verified.
  • Configuration wizard- has not been finalised.
  • Low Supervisor Voltage- has been reported (critical supply), typically less than 9v.
  • Firmware Update- available to the Watchmon supervisor
  • Read Only- mode from the supervisor
  • High Temperature Alert- from cell monitors
  • High Voltage Alert- from cell monitors
  • Low Voltage Alert- from cell monitors

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