Why do I need the CMU cable?

This allows the WatchMon4 hardware to be installed at a higher and unobstructed position outside the battery box. This also improves the Wifi signal significantly. The CMU cable makes connecting the CellMons much easier and more intuitive, using the existing connectors rather than having the risk of connecting something wrong and damaging the WatchMon or CellMon hardware.

It is recommended to start by connecting cell #1 (the most negative battery) to the 4 pin CMU cable connector (small black box highlighted on the photo below). Then, work up the chain to the most positive battery, finishing the chain back on the 2 pin CMU cable connector.

CAUTION: Whilst preparing the cables for insertion into the WatchMon terminals, ensure that both the 2 pin and 4 pin connectors are not connected to the CellMon until after you have prepared the cables. 
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