Understanding the WatchMon - Tools - QuickLog

 Step 1 - Go to the Tools Menu

Step 2 - Press the Firmware updater button

Step 3 - The Quick Log Extractor Opens.  The fields shown on the Progressive tab is the information recorded for each record.  It provides a log of what was happening at a particular point in time.

Step 4:  (Optional) Go to Options tab and check and change settings if required.

History Range is the number of records kept in the systems memory

Skip Blanks:  Defaults to On as blank records indicate battery pack wasn't connected.

Save to file:  Defaults to On.  Whenever the quicklog is run a file is created.  If Off then it would just appear on the screen.

Reverse order:  Defaults to Off.  This means oldest will appear first.

Append:  Add to existing file

Fetch Metrics:  Will show the last time a record was added.

Step 5:  Press Start

The stored records on the watchmon are extracted into a file,

Step 6:  Press Open Folder to get to the files 

Step 6:  if Save to file was clicked in Step 4 then file will appear with system number in its name

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