SETUP: Simplified WatchMon4 starting guide

NOTE:  this is the everything working first time approach to setting up your system.

1.  Check all items ordered are present

A typical starter kit contains 

1 x WatchMon4Solo or WatchMon4 Expansion 
1 x CellMon extension cable with pluggable connector
1 x USB A-B 1.5m extension cable
Cell monitors and cables
1 x Shuntmon 500A current SoC% shunt sensor (inc cable) - optional

3.   Installing USB drivers for Watchmon4 supervisor

4.  Plug in the WatchMon4 via USB cable

5.   Upgrading the Firmware on the Watchmon4 supervisor 

6   Running the Wizard setup to define your system

7.  Wire up your batteries to CellMon extension cable with pluggable connector and plug in  (if well lights should light up for 30 seconds)

8.  Verifying the Cell monitors for faults using Network Tester.  If issues track down the problem in the network

9.   Synchronising the Cell monitors using Device Sync.  This checks that the battery pack matches your setup and downloads the limits and knowledge of the entire pack to the cell monitors.  Note that this step needs to be done after every change to the system setup,

10.   Testing Cell monitors balancing resistors with Bypass Tester  

11.  How to connect the Shuntmon2 to Watchmon4 supervisor

12.   Connecting Inverter charger via Integration settings

13.   Connecting Peripherals via Expansion settings this includes fans, heaters, buzzers, circuit breakers, contactors etc.

14.  Switching to Wifi if needed.

15.  Connecting up the supply voltage.  Note that for battery packs 8-65V you can use your pack to supply the WatchMon.  Outside of this range use a 12V battery

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