What if my Inverter is not on your Compatible List

We are willing to help with this if there is enough demand and we have access to the inverter for testing.

The process of getting an inverter signed-off as compatible is not trivial. 

We have seen many roadblocks due to 'commercial reasons' and not technical difficulty.

  • 50% of the work is getting hold of the protocol. 
  • 25% is getting the supplier to agree to help us, 
  • 10% is getting access to a device to test, 
  • 5% is Batrium writing the interface
  • 10% is testing the interface works.

Most of the interfaces are written when a customer needs it and can get the protocol and supplier to agree and has a device we can use to test the interface usually during a Zoom session. Others get to benefit from that work as more options are added to the list. If you can help we are generally willing to work with you but we are only a small company and hence do not have interfaces to every inverter or charge controller on the market.

The key tasks involved to complete BMS integration are as follows:

1. Acquire manufacturers protocol document
2. Review document to determine complexity and if suitable
3. Implement proof of concept (PoC) firmware
4. Gain access to a test bench / environment with inverter hardware equipment to test PoC
5. Run tests;
   a. connectivity -  inbound / outbound
   b. operational  -  charge run/limited/off
   c. operational  -  discharge run/stop
   d. telemetry to device (soc, temperature, volt, current, error flags, etc.)
   e. remote configurable settings (target max charge volt, max chg current, discharge volt cutout, discharge max current)
6. Ideally have access to technical support from inverter company who can explain behaviour when it does not match their documentation.
7. Merge the proof of concept firmware into next WatchMon Supervisor firmware release
8. Test supervisor with firmware to confirm works as expected when OK and in-fault
9.  Retest supervisor for normal operation
10.Release beta build to community with new functionality.

Another method to fast track is that we first recommend you check to see if the inverter can offer support for the LG-Chem 6.4kw RESU battery.   We have built a canbus profile that emulates the LG-Chem 6.4kw battery, this should allow most inverter that support the LG battery protocol to be utilised. 

Look for Project Lychee in the Canbus profile.  You can find this in Inverters compatible via CANbus.

Native protocols

WatchMon BMS has 2 additional Native canbus protocols to integrate your own implementations:

  • Native 1.0 - Verbose broadcast of all cell and consolidated statistics PDF
  • Native 2.0 - consolidated statistics  PDF
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