Enabling Software & Firmware Beta Tester option

If you would like to adopt the beta release and start testing the latest added features and fixes rather than waiting for the production stable release, please follow the instructions below:

Caution: remember this is a Beta version and still under tests, make sure that external peripheral systems will be ok if the system drop connection or restarts. If there are critical contactor devices that must remain energised, additional measures must be made by you to prevent the disruption of power. 

Step 1 - Click on "Menu" then click on "Tools"

Step 2 - Click on "Software check"

  Step 3 - Click on "Options" tab and Select Release Option

Release Option

Alpha:  This release should only be used at the advice of a Batrium Technician.  It is usually installed during a zoom session as part of troubleshooting a problem.

Beta:  This is a beta release that has had at least 2 weeks in Alpha prior to moving to Beta.

Live:  This is the current Live release.

Ignore HW Version:  This should normally be OFF.  The software detects the version of hardware being used and chooses which version to use as Alpha, Beta and Live accordingly

Skip Warning:  Normally OFF.  As it says skips the warning.

Close App when installing:  Normally ON

Disable Daily Verification:  Normally OFF, but you can turn on and the system will check daily and give an alert when a new version of software is available.

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