SETUP: Setup CheckList

Objective:  The purpose of the Setup Checklist is to help you go through the steps necessary to fully setup your system.  It will appear when you first start up the WatchMon Toolkit.  There are 7 items that need to be completed for the setup to be complete. 

Limitations:   For centralised systems some steps are not required such as Network Test, Device Sync and Bypass test as they are testing the decentralised system is wired up correctly. with the cell monitors on the main board we do these checks prior to shipping.   We haven't setup standard profiles as yet for LTO,  We are still working on determining suitable settings therefore for LTO please use Custom and targets suitable for your battery.

Prior to this you should have installed a version of the WatchMon Toolkit software and virtual USB driver on a compatible system.  The process should be done in the check list order.

By clicking on the items in the checklist you are taken directly to the screen where the operation can take place.

Step 1 Connect

This step connects you to a particular WatchMon and all details below refer to the one chosen.  Note that to change settings you need to connect WatchMon to computer via USB rather than via wifi

Connecting to a WatchMon

(Troubleshooting - if USB does not work try USB Legacy.  If your WatchMon shows up then Firmware needs updating as it is out of sync)

If wishing to connect via Wifi later this is where you go to change to that.  Note that wifi is read only.

Step 2  Software

This step checks that you have the most up to date software.  It is green to show that you have a version of the software installed correctly.  If you hover your curser over the option it will show the current status.

Software Update Method

Step 3 Firmware

Firmware should always be updated after a software update or a software downgrade 

Upgrade firmware

Step 4 Wizard Setup

The wizard gives you a simple way of telling the WatchMon what it has to watch.  Based on your results many of the values in the system are pre-populated.

Wizard Setup

Step 5 Network Test

At this step you connect your batteries, SOC% sensor etc as per what you identified in the wizard then run the Network Test to confirm connection,  This step will fail for example if you have said you have 14 cell monitors and have a different number attached.

Network Test

Step 6  Device Sync

This step rolls all the setup and targets and limits from the wizard setup to all the cell monitors.

Device Sync

Step 7 Bypass Test

The WatchMon will test every CellMon’s balancing resistors, one by one for a few seconds.

Bypass Tests

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