Watchmon toolkit software FAQ

Watchmon toolkit software FAQ

Instructions and details related to the WatchMon toolkit software.

Can I just buy the WatchMon ToolKit or Batrium BmsSuite software?

ToolKit software installation



ToolKit Software Update

How to verify that the WatchMon ToolKit softwareis thelatest release

Firmware Update

Upgrading theFirmwareon the Watchmon supervisor 

Beta Tester

Enabling Software & FirmwareBeta Testeroption

Understanding status icons

Understanding thestatus iconsof the WatchMon Toolkit

Wizard Setup

Running theWizard setupto define your system


Connecting to WatchMon4 viaWifi

Wifi troubleshooting

PIN code

Where do I find thepincode?

Theme / Language

How tocustomise the theme/ style of WatchMon toolkit

Are otherlanguagealternatives available?

Which PC / Tablet to purchase

Which PC / Tablet to purchase

How to determine if the PC / Tablet has enough resources

Snapshot report

Understanding theSnapshotcapture report

Hardware Configuration screens

Hardware configuration - System settings

Hardware configuration - CellMon settings

Hardware configuration - Expansion settings

Hardware configuration - Integration settings

Hardware configuration - Shunt SoC% settings

Control Logic screens

Control Logic - Critical settings

Control Logic - Charging settings

Control Logic - Discharging settings

Control Logic - Thermal settings

Control Logic - Remote settings

Control Logic - TempView

Control Logic - VoltView

Tools screens

Understanding Tools Menu

Tools - configuration bulk import

Tools - Daily Session History Extract

Tools - Data Cache

Bypass Tester

Testing Cell monitors balancing resistors withBypass Tester  

Bypass Tester - Options

Bypass Tester - Progressive

Bypass Tester - Results

Telemetry screens

Telemetry - Live Statistics

Telemetry - Cell Info data table

Telemetry - Daily Session

Telemetry - Daily Session History

Telemetry - Lifetime Telemetry

CellMon Network - Installation, Test & Troubleshooting

Running theWizard setupto define your system

Synchronising the Cell monitors usingDevice Sync

Testing Cell monitors balancing resistors withBypass Tester  

Verifying the Cell monitors for faults usingNetwork Tester

Troubleshooting CellMon Network for faults - WatchMon4

Understanding theLED Indicators on each CellMon

How toidentify a specific CellMonusing the LED

Understanding the LED Indicators on each CellMon

How to identify a specific CellMon using the LED

Installing Multiple Battery Banks & Cell Monitors on the same WatchMon

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