Watchmon Toolkit Software FAQ


WatchMon Toolkit is a custom made software that allows you to view and configure your WatchMon Supervisor.

WatchMon ToolKit Software Installation

It is recommended that  "WatchMon Toolkit" software be installed on a Windows 10 desktop (not mobile edition). Batrium will provide backward compatibility to Windows 7 desktop or later, but will not support older operating systems such as Windows XP or Vista.   The prerequisite for Microsoft .Net framework 4.5.2, or later, is required, the installer will examine your system and prompt you to upgrade/install if not found.

WatchMon4 and WatchMonPlus


WatchMon1 has been superceded.  For this product please refer to installation links below.

Setup Checklist

The main steps you need to follow to setup your system forms part of the Setup Check List. Note that the Setup checklist is not available for WatchMon1 but the general steps are the same.

After installing the software and USB driver.  

1.  Connect your WatchMon via USB.  Plug it in. 

2.  The Software Checklist will indicate if the software you are using is not the Latest Edition

3. Firmware - Firmware versions and software versions are linked.  Therefore whenever changing versions of software it is necessary to update the firmware to match.  On initially receiving your WatchMon, firmware should be updated to ensure the correct version is used.  

4.  Upgrading the Firmware on the WatchMon Supervisor

5.  Running the Wizard Setup to Define your System

6. Network Test

This helps check that the network is a complete circuit.  

Troubleshooting CellMon Network

How to Identify a Specific CellMon Using the LED

Understanding the LED Indicators on Each CellMon

Note that TestMon does the heavy lifting of this test for WatchMonPlus.

TestMon Configuration

WatchMonPlus - Using TestMon

7.  Device Sync

This is the step that transmits all the configuration you have setup to the individual cell monitors.  

8.  Bypass Tests

This tests that the bypass is functioning.  This test will only work above 10°C

Note that a connection that might be firm enough for a network test to work might not hold up to the bypass test.  Check the wiring if it fails.


Wifi - There are two options for connecting via wifi:

Connecting Directly to a WatchMon via WIFI - No Internet

Connecting to a WatchMon via Router - with Internet

WIFI Troubleshooting

Multi - string

Installing Multiple Battery Banks & Cell Monitors on the Same WatchMon

Video - Multi-string

Understanding the Status Icons of the WatchMon Toolkit

Where Do I Find the Pincode?

Screen Explanations

Hardware Configuration Screens

Hardware Configuration - System Settings

Hardware Configuration - CellMon Settings

Hardware Configuration - Expansion Settings

Hardware Configuration - Integration Settings

Hardware Configuration - Shunt SoC% Settings

Bypass Tester - via CellMon Settings

Bypass Tester - Options

Bypass Tester - Progressive

Bypass Tester - Results

Control Logic Screens

Control Logic - Critical Settings

Control Logic - Critical Extra Parameters

Control Logic - Charging Settings

Control Logic - Discharging Settings

Control Logic - Thermal Settings

Control Logic - Remote Settings

Control Logic - TempView

Control Logic - VoltView

Tools Screens

Understanding Tools Menu

Tools - Wizard Setup

Tools - USB Driver Install

Tools - Wifi AP

Tools - Bulk Import

Tools - Firmware

Tools - Snapshot Report

Tools - Software Check

Tools - Thingspeak

Tools - Data Cache

Tools - Quicklog

Telemetry Screens

Telemetry - Live Statistics

Telemetry - Cell Info Data Table

Telemetry - Daily Session

Telemetry - Daily Session History

Telemetry - Daily Session History Extract

Telemetry - Lifetime Telemetry

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