Watchmon4 - FAQ and How-to Guides

WatchMon4 is one of our current battery supervisors.  It communicates with a range of different cell monitors making it extremely configurable and flexible.

Please note this is a DIY product and fair use applies to unpaid assistance.  Design decisions are your choice and responsibility.

Please refer to FAQ for the version appropriate Supervisor WatchMonPlus (current), WatchMon1 (2015-2018) or PacMon (2011-2015).


Which Starter Kit do I get?

How to help us help you

Paid Support Services

Can I get extra support or troubleshooting during installation?


Installation steps for the Watchmon4 Toolkit software

Installing USB drivers for Watchmon4 supervisor

How to verify that the WatchMon software is the latest release

How to customise the theme / style of WatchMon toolkit

Firmware Upgrade

Upgrading the Firmware on the Watchmon4 supervisor 


Quick Guide to Setting up

Installation Videos

Please note that there are tips and tricks in each of the installation videos that can be universal.  Some cover safety and fuses or other aspects better than others and therefore it is worth checking them all out.  Watching the videos doesn't eliminate the need to follow procedures.  

LongMon Installation

BlockMon installation

LeafMon installation

PIN code

Where do I find a pincode?

Troubleshooting pincode

How to modify the Technician pincode


How to connect to WatchMon via WiFi access point

How to connect to home wifi AP

Troubleshooting wifi

PC / Tablet

Which PC / Tablet to purchase

Snapshot report

Understanding the Snapshot capture report

How to manually extract Snapshot report

WatchMon4 Hardware

Watchmon4 hardware guide and pin assignment

Understanding Watchmon operating state LED indicator

Understanding the status icons of the WatchMon Toolkit

Design Decisions

Things to consider when designing your system

What if I'm not a standard 24V or 48V system?

Which Starter Kit should I choose?

Design considerations for cell monitors

How many LongMons can be installed with one WatchMon?

Can cell monitor cables be extended?

Multiple Cell Monitors or "multi string" configuration: adding batteries in parallel to the same WatchMon supervisor

Wiring up Batteries

How to connect the cellmon network

How do I connect BlockMons - Battery Pack chain

How do I wire up LeafMons

Screwdriver for Pluggable Screw Terminals - Starter Kit

Best practice for screw terminals

CellMon Network - Installation, Test & Troubleshooting

Running the Wizard setup to define your system

How to connect the Cell monitors to WatchMon4 supervisor

Verifying the Cell monitors for faults using Network Tester

Synchronising the Cell monitors using Device SyncHow to connect the CellMon modules to the WatchMon

Understanding the LED Indicators on each CellMon

How to identify a specific CellMon using the LED

Testing Cell monitors balancing resistors with Bypass Tester

AutoLevel Bypass (auto-balance) configuration

Shunt / SOC% Sensor

How to connect Shuntmon2 to the Watchmon supervisor 

SOC% setting starting value

Expansion Board

ExpansionBoard hardware and wiring guide

Expansion 2 hardware and wiring guide

Expansion output options

Inverters & Chargers

How to control a SMA Sunny Island inverter/charger with a WatchMon

How to control a SolaX hybrid inverter/charger with a WatchMon

How to control a Victron Color Control GX with a WatchMon

How to control a Victron Venus GX with a WatchMon

How to control a Redback smart hybrid inverter/charger with a WatchMon

How to control a Brusa NLG5 charger with a WatchMon

How to control a Brusa NLG6 charger with a WatchMon

How to control a TC/Elcon charger with a WatchMon

How to control a Eltek Flatpack2 charger with WatchMon

How to control a EnPower charger with a WatchMon

Circuit Breaker Wiring Diagram

Schneider Electric - Circuit Breaker Voltage release tripping unit

Electronic Auxileries - Schneider Electric - Double Pole Circuit Breaker 125A 15kA

How to Connect a Circuit Breaker to Onboard Output/Input WatchMon4

How to connect the WatchMon4 to the Schneider Electric Circuit Breaker

Schneider Tripping Unit - product page

Schneider Circuit Breaker 125a 15ka - product page

Fan / Contactor Wiring Diagram


How to Connect a Fan to On-Board Output WatchMon4

How to Connect a Fan to Expansion Board

How to Connect a Contactor to On-board Output WatchMon4

How to Connect a Positive Switch Latching Contactor to Expansion Board

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