If using WatchMon Toolkit make sure that you are connecting via USB.  USB symbol will be in the status bar

Wifi is read only and hence a pin number will not get you in.  It is possible to have a USB cable plugged into the WatchMon and still be connected via Wifi

So check status bar to be sure.

Attempt Method 1

Have you double checked the pincode on the back of the WatchMon or MultiMon PCB, it should be a 6 digit number.

Where Dinrails are used you may need to remove from the holder to see the back of the device and double check we didn't have a dyslexic moment when doing the label.  

If you have changed the pincode it is important you keep a record of the new number.

Attempt Method 2
At the factory they are initially set to 631820 and we then modify them to a new random value. 
Each failed technician logon attempt cannot be in less than 30-60 seconds to prevent rapid brute force attack.
Attempt Method 3
If that does not work we can generate, remotely, a temporary code but it needs to be applied within 1 hour of you sending us the snapshot report.  
Before requesting this check that the date isn't corrupted or having troubles as this will stop this method from working.   
Attempt Method 4
We remote on, and do the steps above.  This may mean a Zoom support session 
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