PacMon: battery supervisor (Gen2)

Superseded by  WatchMon supervisor 

PacMon (battery pack monitor) performs battery supervision (SiMon) and charger control signal (SiCan). It is a complete stand-alone battery supervision/charge system.

With the module needing only a IsoMon/LongMon/BlockMon battery chain,  and CMon (charger cable). It has LED drive, relays, data drive (for “CAN” Elcon/TC chargers), voltage-control charger interface (for enable Elcon/TC chargers), buzzer, bypass fan, and USB hub.  It also has an interface circuit for +12V signals (drive and charge).

PacMon monitors the battery pack for critical and warning conditions. The critical events take action after 5 seconds and include any cell under (or over) voltage, cell over temperature, broken communications path, or low +12V (<9V).  The warning events take action after 3 sec and include low cell voltage and charger balance states. It drives the red (critical) dashboard LED, yellow (warning/balance) LED, green (OK) LED and the blue (charger status) LED.

It is a combination of SiMon, SiCan, USB Hub, UMon, and associated interface electronics all in one.

More details are available in the datasheet.

PacMon Data Sheet Ver 1.1

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