Can you upgrade from a PacMon to a WatchMon4

To Upgrade from a PacMon to a WatchMon4

  • All cell monitors if OK at present should still be usable as would most of your wiring. If it is working with the Pacmon they should be OK
  • What you would need is one of the starter kits without cell monitors and at least 2 cell monitor cables (one to complete the loop now that you are using the CMU connect and one to replace cable that had to be cut to connect to Pacmon) e.g
  • Configuration and setup would need to be redone as Pacmon used BMSSuite and the 
    WatchMon4 uses WatchMon Toolkit software. Setting WatchMon up as a fresh system is best and then just tweaking limits so that they match your existing ones seen in BMSSuite.

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