SOFTWARE: Upgrading the Watchmon Firmware

Make sure you update to the latest WatchMon firmware, this is a very important procedure.

When firmware and software don't match this can trigger READ ONLY MODE

Caution:  Make sure that the external peripheral systems will be ok when the system restarts. The system will go offline and then re-start, if there are critical contactor devices that must remain energised additional measures must be made by you to prevent the disruption of power. 

Step 1 - Open the program. There are several ways to get to this

Within the WatchMonToolkit application navigate to the Tools Menu, then select the Firmware Updater

Note: other methods listed in addendum below

Step 2 – Select the Device Firmware you would like to update

For example select (i.e. WatchMonPlus - WM5) may already be defaulted if you have a active connection

Step 3 - Verify no active Toolkit sessions are running

the updater will attempt to close all other sessions to ensure a dedicated connection to the USB port for the firmware update.

Once verified the checkbox will be ticked for Task 1

Step 4 - Run the upgrade process

      sub step #1 - Make sure to select the correct Target Image for your hardware product

      sub step #2 - Select the correct COM port, If it is not listed check your cabling, etc..

      sub step #3 - Press the Upgrade Button

A window will pop up showing the download is in progress

The writing status will progress to 100% and the window will close automatically.

4.  When finished

Press  Toolkit to close the updater and start the normal technician software

This covers the process of when all the steps assuming all will go according to plan.


T1 - Recovery of non-responding device

There are a number of scenarios when this applies, due to when a previous update was interrupted part way through the process.

  • After Factory erase when there is no program is installed on device
  • Device is not responding to USB enquires (various reasons including missing windows USB driver)
  • Device already has a Newer Release than what the firmware installer would install
  • Wrong Target image is different to the responding attempt (i.e. attempting a WM5 firmware onto a MM8)

The other rejection reason that should not be forced unless directed by the Batrium support team.

  • Device has Already been Updated so no action required

You choose to do a Forced firmware update, this is available from Software version 2.15 onwards.

Step 1 - From the Firmware updater click on the COG

Step 2 - Changed Configuration option Forced Override to ON then press OK

3.  Continue with Upgrade process documented above.

T2 - Mismatched firmware versions to hardware

If the device shows RED / WHITE blinking on the Operating Status, this indicates that the wrong version of firmware has been installed installed.
You will need to load  the correct version and likely need to force the update since the device will be offline.

If problem continues contacted Batrium support.

T3 - Trigger Device into program firmware upgrade mode

Try to press the PROG button on the supervisor just after starting the UPGRADE task.
Attempt a couple of times, if that does not work contact Batrium support.

Alternative methods to launch the Firmware ESP32 Updater

Method 1 - Chart setup checklist.

Within Toolkit charting click on the Setup Checklist

Method 2 - Status icon at bottom of application

Within WatchMonToolkit click on the Status icon at bottom of application hover tooltip displays "Firmware upgrade required"

Method 3 - Windows Start Menu

via Windows Start Menu -> Batrium -> WatchMon4 ESP32 Updater

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