Upgrading the Watchmon4 firmware

Make sure you update to the latest WatchMon4 firmware, this is a very important procedure.  

Caution:  Make sure that external peripheral systems will be ok when the system restarts. The system will go offline and then re-start, if there are critical contactor devices that must remain energised additional measures must be made by you to prevent the disruption of power. 

Step 1 - Go to the Tools Menu

Step 2 - Press the Firmware updater button.

Step 3 – Select the device firmware you would like to update, in this case “WatchMon4” 

Step 4 - Run the upgrade process.

NOTE:  If WatchMon4 was chosen it will appear as below, where Target image is defaulted to WatchMon4 and the correct COM port.  Please leave it at these values unless instructed to do otherwise in a Teamviewer support session

This window will pop up showing the download in progress

Step 5 – The WatchMon4 Firmware has been updated successfully. Click on “Toolkit” this will close the window and start ToolKit software.

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