WatchMonPlus (WM5) - All In One Solution for OEM and Compact Systems

WatchmonPlus combines the supervisor and cell management into one compact single device.

Planned  release in July, 2019 with pre-sales open a few weeks prior.

Indicative pricing will be slightly less than the Watchmon4+ 14 x LongMon starter kit.

WatchMonPlus overview  VIDEO showing it in action in auto-balancing of a mixed cell pack.

NOTE:  WatchMon5 is now WatchMonPlus and WatchMon6 is now WatchMonElite

New Features: 

  • Combines supervisor with on-board cell management to offer "All in One"
  • Less wires: no daisy-chain network cables between cell monitors.
  • Enable second life use of existing balancing connectors in OEM packs like Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, etc. that use "shared" wires between series.
  • Auto-Level (balancing) function at 500mA with activity LED on each cell.
  • Capable of 6 Ah/day balancing adjustment for each cell 
  • 3 external temperature sensors
  • 5 LED's showing operating status and battery SoC% (state of charge)
  • For high-voltage battery systems supervisor can be configured as slave  (future feature)

Adoption of supervisor features: 

  • Same supervisor functionality as WatchMon4
  • Link to ShuntMon with 500A or 1000A power rating
  • Ease to use pluggable screw-terminal connectors.
  • Opto-Insulated CAN bus to remote charger/inverter equipment
  • Opto-Insulated RS485 (future feature for modbus)
  • Configurable 2 inputs and 2 outputs (i.e. remote circuit breaker trip, contactor or fan)
  • Additional inputs/outputs via Expansion Board (same as Watchmon4)

WatchmonPlus hardware guide and pin assignment

WatchMonPlus + 500A ShuntMon

WatchMonPlus + Expansion Board + 500A ShuntMon

There is an increasing demand for a battery management system solution suitable to allow the second life of OEM packs (Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, etc).

WatchMon5 has low power balancing limited to 500mA, suitable for many of the EV automotive batteries considered for reuse making the retrofit much simpler.

This permits the use of the existing OEM "shared" balancing wires that can only handle 500mA. Avoiding the difficulty with re-configuring the battery pack and needing direct access to the cell terminals. 

TestMon Validator

This device is used to check and validate the wires before plugging to the WatchMon5.  All WatchMon5 Starter Kits will come with a Tester.

Temperature sensors will also be provided to allow the remote monitoring of the cells in 3 separate locations.

Mounting Options

WatchMon5 is  sold with the din rail mount,  eventually a Molex connector variant will be fabricated when there is enough volume. 


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