WatchMon6 - Active energy transfer 14S BMS

WatchmonElite (Watchmon6 WM6) supervisor is ideally suited to large capacity battery packs or systems requiring ongoing cell optimisation rather than just at full SoC%.

Combines energy transfer between cells and the WatchMon supervisor in one compact single device.

Planned release will be late 2019, we are currently carrying out refinements and validation.

Indicative pricing will be equivalent to a Watchmon4 starter kit with two strings of 14 series cell monitors.

Speciality Features: 

  • All-in-one design: Supervisor + On-Board cell management
  • Capable of 100Ah/day balancing adjustment for each cell 
  • Use "shared" wires between series with high power 7A fused
  • Auto-Level (balancing) function at ~4000mA with activity LED on each cell
  • Fixed configuration of 14 series cell (other configurations require a different product)
  • 3 external temperature sensors
  • 5 LEDs showing operating status and battery SoC% (state of charge)
  • For high-voltage battery systems supervisor can be configured as slave  (future feature)

Adoption of supervisor features:

  • Same supervisor functions as the WatchMonPlus WM5
  • Ease to use pluggable screw-terminal connectors
  • Remote Opto-Insulated communication (CAN bus or future option of RS485)
  • Link to Shuntmon with 500A or 1000A power rating
  • Configurable 2 inputs and 2 outputs (i.e. remote circuit breaker trip, contactor or fan)
  • Additional inputs/outputs via the ExpansionBoard (same as Watchmon4)

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