Shuntmon - SoC% Energy Sensor

Shunt-based precision current measurement module that accumulate current over time. ShuntMon is our second evolution replacing the Sendyne sensor that was used with WatchMon1.

ShuntMon works with any of our WatchMon supervisors

We have a 500A model and a 1000A model:  


  • Current ± 500 A peak (400 A continuous)  500A model
  • Current ± 1000 A peak (800 A continuous) 1000A model
  • Maximum Voltage = 650v DC


  • Turnkey solution for use in the field 
  • Typically achieves ±1.0 % accuracy of current measurement 
  • Resolves currents from 3 mA to 500A 
  • Low power consumption 
  • Built-in calibration for current and voltage measurements
  • Built in isolation for power and serial communication


  • Width: 115mm  (Allow extra room for pluggable connectors and cables at each end)
  • Depth: 45mm (width of stand)
  • Height:  50mm (based on 500A shunt)

What comes in the box: 

  • ShuntMon2
  • ShuntMon cable to connect the shunt to the WatchMon supervisor


Photos showing the ShuntMon connected to the WatchMon supervisor:

WatchMon + Expansion Board (din rail mount)

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