Bypass Tests

During this procedure, the WatchMon will test every CellMon’s balancing resistors, one by one for a few seconds. You should notice the LED turning ON and the temperature increasing about +/-5 degrees then proceeding to the next CellMon in the chain.   

Note: Bypass Test requires ambient temperatures above 10°C.

Step 1 - Click on “Bypass Test”

or click on "Menu" then click on "Hardware"

Click on "CellMon" tab and click on "Bypass Tester"

Step 2– Click on “Start”

Testing CellMon number 8

Results after the Bypass Tests

All Bypass Test results are saved in a folder for future reference

If you see the green "Successful Bypass Test" message you completed the 7 "Setup Check List" and you will now see the information in full screen.

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