Bypass Tests

During this procedure, the WatchMon will test every CellMon’s balancing resistors, one by one for a few seconds. You should notice the LED turning ON and the temperature increasing about +/-5 degrees then proceeding to the next CellMon in the chain.   
Bypass testing when needed to verify the CellMate-K9 device

This is not required as standard procedure, and only used to verify if there is a hardware issue.

Each device is progressively run to warm up during the testing session to confirm that the bypass function works. The verification test is aimed at BlockMons, LongMons and LeafMons rather than the CellMate-K9 since these do not have a heatsinks attached and are much easier to detect a thermal change.

Since the CellMate-K9 has a efficient heatsink, this makes it far harder to warm up when only one cell is bypassing especially as the device get further from ambient temperature. 
If hardware testing is required, consider the following adjustments to the Options tab and how you run the test:
  • turn off the bypass fan if attached
  • only run a few cell channels at a time
  • wait till the heatsink returns to ambient before running more
  • put a blanket against the heatsink to disable its ability to release heat.

Note: Bypass Test requires the default ambient temperatures above 10°C this option can be changed on the Options table.

Step 1 - Click on “Bypass Test”

or click on "Menu" then click on "Hardware"

Click on "CellMon" tab and click on "Bypass Tester"

Step 2– Click on “Start”

Testing CellMon number 8

Results after the Bypass Tests

All Bypass Test results are saved in a folder for future reference

If you see the green "Successful Bypass Test" message you completed the 7 "Setup Check List" and you will now see the information in full screen.

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